Zara’s 5 essential summer purchases for women over 50: comfortable, loose and cool

Zara's 5 essential summer purchases for women over 50: comfortable, loose and cool

When he arrives summer time, it is also time to select our summer clothes to look fashionable. we are looking for comfortable options with light fabrics that allow us to enjoy our activities without suffering from the heat and that they give us freedom of movement. Loose, unmarked garments were our shopping favorites of this era, and Zara showed that it was possible to combine this comfort with an elegant, feminine and flattering style to enhance our figure.

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When it comes to wearing baggy clothes, it is important to think about how to combine them to avoid adding unnecessary bulk and, at the same time, choosing the patterns and designs that highlight our figure in the best possible way.

Besides, all these clothes share one characteristic: they are elegant and at the same time have a rejuvenating effect. They’re neither boring nor overly formal, and their colors and silhouettes have the ability to subtract years. Plus, they share the essence of comfort, allowing us to wear them for long hours without worrying about feeling tight or uncomfortable.

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Is it appropriate to wear loose, comfortable clothing on formal occasions?

If I’m looking for a fresh and comfortable look, but at the same time want to feel polished, stylish and fashionable, what options do I have? You can try a romantic long dress, an embroidered bohemian skirt, a linen shirt, wide high-waisted Bermuda shorts, a suit jacket or flowing pants, or even a shirt or tunic-style dress. There are many possibilities and after that you just have to focus on choosing the right shoes and accessories to enrich the outfit.

As for the details, for the summer it is better to opt for flowing clothes with embroidery or summer fabrics such as linen or crochet. You can also consider using satin or lace fabrics to add an extra touch of elegance.

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5 Zara summer clothes for women over 50

Below, we present our selection of cool, flowy and comfortable summer clothes that you cannot miss. Take note!

Printed culottes
Zara (Ref. 2731/046)

Zara culottes.

Zara printed culottes

It’s not all just jeans; Patterned pants are a great alternative for hot days. In addition, the culotte or cropped silhouette with a finish that favors all body types. These pants, white in color and with an original bohemian print, are ideal both to be worn in the office during the hot weather and for an afterwork plan. We love pairing them with high-heeled sandals or clogs, they adapt to any occasion!

Zara briefs (Ref: 2731/046), €39.95

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Zara shirt dress
Zara (Ref: 3198/041)

Zara shirt dress.

Zara shirt dress

This shirt dress stands out as a young dress that makes a guyits asymmetrical bass, which gives it a stylized silhouette, and its exceptional comfort by not marking any part of the body. The shirt style of the bodysuit adds a stylish touch to the outfit. Moreover, the combination of black and white is always a hit in the fashion world. It is not surprising that some sizes are already sold out, because this dress is rapidly gaining popularity. It is available in sizes up to XXL.

Zara shirt dress with asymmetric hem (ref: 3198/041), €49.95

Linen palazzo pants
Zara (Ref: 4786/086)

Linen palazzo pants.

Linen palazzo pants

The linen fabric adds a special and elegant touch to any garment, and it becomes even more evident in the white trousers, which are an essential basic in the wardrobe of the most elegant women. These wide palazzo-style pants are particularly flattering thanks to their fluid cut and very high waist. To show off loose pants without adding bulk, it’s important to emphasize the waist, either by wearing cropped tops or tucking them in. These pants are available in sizes up to XXL, offering options for all body types.

Zara linen palazzo pants (Ref: 4786/086), €39.95

Jacket-style shirt dress
Zara (Ref. 5107/047)

Zara blouse-style shirt dress.

Jacket shirt dress with mao collar

This smock style dress It is available in sizes up to XXL. It is crafted from cotton and features beautiful colorful embroidery inspired by the sea, giving it a rejuvenating look. It’s perfect to wear as a stylish cover-up over a swimsuit, but can also be worn as a dress or top paired with shorts or Bermuda shorts. The sleeves are long but have a touch of volume, while the V-neckline offers a clean silhouette.

Zara blouse-style dress (ref: 5107/047), €39.95

Sailor Tunic Dress
Zara (Ref:5536/033)

Sailor tunic dress.

Sailor Tunic Dress

The sailor print, also known as the navy print, is all the rage, although in reality it’s a completely timeless (and rejuvenating) design. Despite its wide cut, this print manages to elongate the silhouette thanks to its V-neck, while the detail of the thin belt helps to emphasize the waist. With simple white sandals, the look is complete. This print flatters all kinds of figures.

Zara sailor tunic dress (ref: 5536/033), €27.95

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