What is the bohemian style? Looks and tips for wearing it

 What is the bohemian style?  Looks and tips for wearing it
  • What is the bohemian style?
  • What does the bohemian style convey?
  • bohemian style clothes
  • 10 bohemian looks to inspire your outfits

Do you like ethnic prints, handmade accessories and crochet vests? So him bohemian style This could be your style when it comes to dressing up. And nothing better to clarify your doubts than to let you know its main characteristics, as well as the essential pieces that make up a current bohemian wardrobe. Moreover, with the inspiration from celebrities and influencers references in this fashion style, you will know how to hit your appearance. Take note!

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What is the bohemian style?

The bohemian, also called bohemian chic, is a clothing style that draws inspiration from the bohemian and hippie aesthetic of the 60s and 70s. The term “boho” is an abbreviation of the word bohemian and is often merged with the concept of chic referring to the way this is interpreted today. And it is that he bohemian chic it’s a updated and lite version from the original bohemian style, in which the most characteristic clothes and prints with a retro air are combined with more modern basic clothes that give an elegant touch to the outfit.

The bohemian style is characterized by the association of loose and fluid clothing, with natural fabrics and ethnic prints. Common garments in this style are long, flowing dresses, bell-sleeved blouses, ponchos, vests, long skirts, handmade clothes and boho style boots. Key accessories are wide-brimmed hats, long necklaces, bracelets and rings with ethnic details.

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What does the bohemian style convey?

Bohemian style in fashion conveys a sense of freedom, creativity and a certain “slow” air. By combining loose, flowing garments with natural fabrics and ethnic prints, a casual, unstructured look is created. This aesthetic is often associated with the the hippie culture of the 60s and 70s, as well as with the mainstream Parisian bohemian of artists and painters.

The boho style also suggests a connection with nature and sustainability, as natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk are often used. Moreover, this style is also made up of accessories with ethnic detailswho can convey a sense of openness and exploration of other cultures different from their own.

In general, the bohemian style is associated with people looking express your individuality and connection with nature, with a relaxed but very careful style, full of details that enrich it.

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bohemian style clothing

Rank the clothes that will help you, paired with basics in neutral tones, to create authentic bohemian-style looks:

  • Flowing long dresses with bohemian prints, such as flowers, paisleys, faded stripes or ethnic patterns. Almost always in earthy or muted tones (deep purples, indigo blue, etc.).
  • Long and wide skirts with light fabrics and bohemian prints.
  • Chip with flared sleeves, ruffles with lace or crochet details, in soft and fluid materials.
  • Jackets and vests with fringes, embroidery or lace applications. Also whole crochet pieces.
  • overalls there cardigan in earth tones to complement looks between seasons.
  • Loose and flowing pantslike palazzos or flared pants, sometimes matching the top print.
  • Cowboys flared or wide cut, most often worn.
  • Boots suede or leather with details such as fringe, woven or beaded embellishments, especially jackets or cowboys.
  • Sandals leather or fabric with details of pompoms, feathers or pearls.
  • Leather bags shoulder or hand type with ethnic details, such as embroidery, pompoms or shells. Also, with fringes, feathers or rhinestones with an artisanal air.
  • Accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings with ethnic or bohemian motifs.
  • wide brimmed hatslike fedora style hats or floppy style hats.

10 bohemian looks to inspire your outfits

Bohemian look: María Pombo

Bohemian look: María Pombo

She is one of bohemian chic style standard bearer in our country and puts it into practice both in everyday looks and in guest outfits. In this case, with a two-piece set consisting of a matching printed waistcoat and pants.

Bohemian Looks: Sara Carbonero

Bohemian Looks: Sara Carbonero

the journalist is another of the national references bohemian style when dressing. She is a fan of long printed dresses, wide brimmed hats and wide pants. This wedding look was the most inspiring for fans of this style.

Bohemian Looks: Natalia Coll

Bohemian Looks: Natalia Coll

crochet dresses Like this one worn by the influencer, they are a must in the spring/summer wardrobe. Combine them with leather sandals, raffia bags and handmade necklaces to complete the look.

Bohemian look: Verónica Díaz

Bohemian look: Verónica Díaz

The influencer tends to opt for this type of bohemian looks from time to time, in this case with a protagonist: this one. flare sleeve dress with pompoms, crochet details, embroidery, beads and subtle ecru prints. Pair it with a wide-brimmed hat to complete the outfit.

Bohemian look: Maria Fernandez Rubies

Bohemian look: Maria Fernandez Rubies

This jumpsuit worn by the influencer is a must in the current bohemian chic fashion. It’s about mixing a bohemian-looking dress, like this black and white crochet one, with a classic tailored jacket. María Pombo is also a specialist in this type of look.

Bohemian look: Isabel Jiménez

Bohemian look: Isabel Jiménez

The journalist shares with her friend Sara Carbonero the taste for bohemian looks and does not hesitate to take them to her lands combining the most characteristic garments with other basics Like this neutral broadcloth coat that shows off the matching patterned two-piece set and hat.

Bohemian look: Carmen Gimeno

Bohemian look: Carmen Gimeno

The influencer usually gives a bohemian touch to her looks sporadically through strategic clothinglike this embroidered vest.

Bohemian look: María García de Jaime

Bohemian look: María García de Jaime

The influencer is also fond of dresses bohemian aerial prints, several times, with a retro air. In this case, team it with a long shearling cardigan for an autumnal look.

Bohemian look: Nuria Roca

Bohemian look: Nuria Roca

The presenter does not only have a predilection for the colorful looks that she often wears on television. Mostly day to day, sometimes choose air boho print dresses like this one paired with country style heeled boots.

Bohemian look: Victoria by Marichalar

Bohemian look: Victoria by Marichalar

The socialite did not hesitate to bet recently on an authentic guest look bohemian chic style composed of a orange kimono dress to which the golden choker she wore around her neck gave a perfect touch.

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