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The colors that go best with red in clothes: ideas of looks to wear it

The colors that go best with red in clothes: ideas of looks to wear it
  • What colors go with red?
  • What colors do not combine with red?
  • Types of red and how to combine them
  • 10 color looks that combine with red to inspire you

Is a closet classic, infallible in events and timeless for everyday looks. He Red color It is always in style because it is versatile and flattering: it is suitable for brunettes, blondes, redheads and chestnuts. That’s why you should know what combinations of the colors work, and especially with red, to make the most of it in your dressing room. Can you guess which ones are infallible?

We discover the colors that will be trendy in 2023 for your daily looks


We discover the colors that will be trendy in 2023 for your daily looks

Therese Rodenas


What colors go with red?

  • Negro: is a combination which still works in any type of look. Red clothes with black accessories or vice versa. Or a mix of both shades for the whole look!
  • Gold and silver: red is associated with these metallic tones in event looks, usually in complements and accessories. It’s a very classy mix and never fails. Especially at Christmas time.
  • Navy blue: is another foolproof combination who adore the most classic ones. And he favors both blondes and brunettes.
  • White: this jumpsuit is ideal for the spring/summer season. It is very flattering that one of the two colors is chosen as the protagonist and that it is accompanied by a complement of the other color.
  • Beige: it’s a classic for every dayeasy to combine and admits a powerful third shade to update the look.
  • Gray: Works great with red in fall/winter, whether it’s a light gray or a charcoal hue.
  • Pink: until not so long ago, it was a combination that was avoided. But the rise of pink as a fashion color has made it one of the hottest blends around.
  • Purple: as for pink, it has gone from the status of difficult and somewhat eccentric combinationto consider as a fashionable trend.


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Therese Rodenas

What colors do not combine with red?

Although in fashion we have already learned that there are no impossible combinations, with these colors it will cost you something extra to combine red. Of course, keep in mind that tonality is important and the blend may work better or worse depending on it.

  • Brown dark: with vibrant shades of red do not get along too well.
  • YELLOW: if we are talking about a warm yellow, it is better not to mix it with a red of the same range.
  • the Blues: some like sky, turquoise, steel or cobalt are difficult to combine with red.
  • Orange: It can be a little overwhelming if it is a very warm and intense tone.
  • Green: Can be overwhelming unless one of the shades is very subtle or more subdued than the other.


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Therese Rodenas

Types of red and how to combine them

There are different shades of red, each with their own personality and style.

  • Red cherry: this tone is dark and rich in pigment, which makes it perfect to give an elegant touch to your outfit. It pairs well with neutral colors like black, gray, white, and beige.
  • Scarlet: it’s a bright bright redwhich always attracts attention. It works great in a monochromatic outfit or as an accent in a more neutral color palette – in accessories.
  • ruby red: it’s a rich, deep red, a jewel tone, which can be paired with darker colors like navy blue and black for a stylish contrast. It also looks great with gold. It is a guest color par excellence.
  • coral red: And softer and brighter tone, ideal for spring and summer. It can be combined with pastel colors and earth tones to create a bright and fresh look.
  • Red brick: this tone is a bit darker than coral and it is very versatile. You can pair it with neutral tones like beige and white, or darker tones like navy blue for an effective look.
  • Red Bordeaux: It’s a most elegant and is generally associated with the fall/winter season. It looks great in event looks for the night, especially combined with golden accessories.

10 color looks that combine with red to inspire you


Colors matched with red: white

A white and red look like this will work in both winter and summer. Of course, we recommend that you have more percentage of white in the hairstyle so as not to saturate.


Colors matching red: camel

Red goes very well with a timeless classic like camel color. It is elegant, subtle and is ideal for everyday outfits.


Colors that go with red: purple

if you dare with it high contrast duo you will get a trendy look. Just be sure to choose vibrant shades of each color and, if appropriate, introduce a more subdued or neutral third.


Colors that go with red: denim

Red goes especially well with denim fabrics, either light, like these pants, or dark. A sweater, a blouse, a T-shirt or a coat allow a perfect combo. Perfect for casual outfits!


Colors matched with red: gray

The bone neutral tones like this light gray come to life if we accompany them with touches of passion red. The bag, shoes, glasses or hat will be enough to achieve this.


Colors matched with red: navy blue

A sailor look with a red accessory? East a classic that still workseven if you introduce a casual touch like sneakers.


Colors matched with red: beige

Add a hint of color to any styling in neutral tones like this one, in beige, and you’ll see how the look takes it to the next level. Even if it’s everyday!


Colors that go with red: pink

Is one of fashion jumpsuits which feels great at any time of the year. In guest outfits, in everyday casual wear, in swimwear, shoes, etc.


Colors that go with red: Klein blue

For event looks, the Klein red-blue combination is very special. This, yes, in small dosesas is the case with these vinyl evening shoes that stick out under the dress.


Colors that go with red: gold

If you’re going to wear red to an event and you want to hit the props, with gold you won’t go wrong that’s for sure. it’s always good!

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