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The colors that go best with purple in clothes: ideas for looks to wear it

The colors that go best with purple in clothes: ideas for looks to wear it
  • What colors go best with purple?
  • What color goes with purple?
  • What colors can’t be mixed with purple?
  • Types of purple and how to combine them
  • 10 looks with colors that go with purple

He purple It is a striking color that derives from the combination of blue and red. It gives it an interesting look combines energy and serenity It brings a lot of balance. Thus, depending on the shade and its trend on the color wheel, it will convey this or that impression. Although the best way to make sure a look favors you is to know what colors combine with purple. We will tell you then!

25 color combinations that always work in fashion and decoration


25 color combinations that always work in fashion and decoration

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What colors go best with purple?

He purple is a versatile color and cheerful that can combine well with a wide variety of colors depending on the hue and the occasion. Here are the best options:

  • White: this combination is classic and elegant. White is a basic neutral, it brings freshness and luminosity to purple.
  • Gray: It is a neutral color that goes well with intense tones like purple. This combination is perfect for a modern and sophisticated look.
  • Pink: the combination of these two colors can be delicate and feminineespecially if soft tones of both are used.
  • Green: It’s a color that contrasts very well with purple and that’s why it works. If dark tones of both are used, the combination may to be very elegant.
  • YELLOW: this mixture can be risky, but if appropriate tones of both colors are used, it can be cheerful and dynamic.
  • Azul: being of a similar color and very versatile, it will go very well with your looks with purple clothes, especially if it is a denim fabric.


What color goes with purple?

Remember that there are no hard and fast rules for combining colors and you can always experiment to find your own ideal combination. Although, without a doubt, you should pay as much attention to the tones additoinal to violet – those on the opposite side of the chromatic circle – as in the analogues -those who are closest- since they will be a success.

What colors can’t be mixed with purple?

There are some difficult combinations to balance when combining with purple:

  • Orange: it is a color very dynamic and striking which can compete with purple. If these two colors are combined, it is better to use softer shades of each of them or to do it with subtle pops of color in the accessories.
  • Pink: although bold combinations can be made, some roses can compete in the spotlight with purple and make the look too saturated or unbalanced.
  • Brown dark: can result too far if combined with purple. It is better to use lighter shades of brown or to combine purple with other neutral colors such as beige or gray.
  • Azul marine: it is a color too dark to combine with the most intense violets. Better to opt for shades like denim or light blue.

In general, the key to combining purple with other colors, even the most difficult ones, is to find a balance between light and dark tonesas well as between the tones hot and cold.

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Types of purple and how to combine them

There are many different shades of purple, from deep, dark hues like eggplant and purple to lighter, more vibrant shades like lilac and lavender. Note the most common and how to combine them:

  • Eggplant: it’s a deep dark tone which resembles the skin of a ripe eggplant. It pairs very well with neutral colors like gray and beige, as well as lighter shades like light pink and white.
  • Purple: is a low tone, rich and elegant which works well with other saturated shades like dark green and navy blue. It can also be paired with lighter shades like light pink and beige for a softer contrast.
  • Lilac: it’s a soft and delicate tone which can be combined with other pastel colors like light pink and light blue. It also pairs really well with darker shades like gray and brown.
  • Lavender: it’s a clearer and more vibrant tone which resembles the lavender flower. It pairs really well with neutral shades like white and gray, as well as other pastel shades like light pink and mint green.

We advise you to experiment different combinations of shades of purple to see how they work. You will surely be surprised!

10 looks with colors that go with purple


Colors that go with purple: red

Since is part of the purple allows for very showy and intense combinations like this. Perfect for guest looks!


Colors to match purple: white

Be a basic neutral color, combines perfectly with purple and brings luminosity and cleanliness to the look. Perfect for a harmonious and balanced look.


Colors that go with purple: denim

One of the blues that best combines with purple – whatever its shade – is the one with the jeans, light or dark. You can always combine this type of clothing with purple in a flattering way.


Colors that go with purple: pink

This is one of the most difficult combinations, but here you can check that play with tones Allows you to create balanced looks. In this case, a bright pink and a fairly neutral purple are perfect.


Colors matched with purple: light blue

blue too is the basis of purple and therefore the two combine perfectly. Even in a print as bold as this, it creates a showy and flattering combination.


Colors that go with purple: nude

Nude tones, like beige or this camel closer to the ocher range increase the power of purplewhether in basic clothes or in prints like this bohemian style.


Colors matched with purple: black

If you have any doubts with complements When it comes to completing a look with purple as the protagonist, bet on black and you won’t go wrong.


Colors that go with purple: green

Dare a powerful combination like this of green and purple, playing with the tones. In this case, two muted shades of green with vibrant purple.


Colors that go with purple: yellow

It’s him opposite color to purple on the color wheel, which is why the resulting contrast is spectacular and ideal for spring/summer looks.


Colors matched with purple: orange

Although it is a risky combination, if you play with a dull main tone and you add the other color as a subtle complement, the look can be as good as this.

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