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The colors that go best with pink in clothes: ideas for looks to wear it

The colors that go best with pink in clothes: ideas for looks to wear it
  • What colors go best with pink?
  • What color goes with pink?
  • What colors can’t be mixed?
  • Types of roses and how to combine them
  • 10 looks with colors that go well with pink

He pink arises from the mixture of red and white, like a luminous color that conveys harmony, with an air of sweetness and romance at the same time. Since it is one of fashion colorsit is convenient to keep it very present in the closet throughout the year, as well as to know the colors that go with pink in a more flattering way. Do you know which they are?

25 color combinations that always work in fashion and decoration


25 color combinations that always work in fashion and decoration

Therese Rodenas

What colors go best with pink?

He pink is a versatile color which can be combined with many others to achieve different effects. Some of the colors that go best with pink are:

  • White: create together a elegant and fresh combination. White can help soften a bright pink and bring brightness to the whole.
  • Negro: is another neuter than match by contrast and brings elegance to the whole.
  • Gray: both can create one modern and sophisticated appearance. Pink brings warmth to gray, and gray can help balance out pink.
  • AzulThey are analogous colors that complement each other. Lighter shades of blue can help bring out the pinkwhile darker shades of blue can create a very fashionable contrasting effect.
  • Red: it shares a base with pink and, although it may seem like a complicated combination at first sight, the truth is that it gives a trendy result.
  • Green: son complementary colors. The darker shades will allow you to create a very elegant association with pink.
  • Brown: with pink creates a warm and cozy combination. Darker shades of brown can help bring out the pink, while lighter shades can balance it out. Also, earth tones are usually analogous to pink and go very well together.

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Therese Rodenas

What color goes with pink?

There are several colors that can complement or contrast well with pink, meaning both “go” well with it. One of the colors that goes well with pink is Green, because it is in the opposite position on the color wheel. The soft tones of blue there purple they can complement pink as well. Also white and the Negro they can be used to contrast the pink for a more dramatic effect. In general, the choice of color will depend on the specific hue and saturation of pink and the effect you want to create.


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Therese Rodenas

What colors can’t be mixed?

Almost any color can be mixed with pink to create a new color combination. However, some combinations may not be as visually appealing or harmonious:

  • dull orange: although the tonal contrast is very modern and vibrant, if you take it too far it can be inharmonious. For example, the combination of coral and fuchsia pink may not look very good.
  • Purple: being very close on the color wheel, used in the same proportions in the look can compete with each othermaking the result unharmonious.
  • Yellow lemon: It’s almost the other way around, although too bright and flashy to mix with pink if not with a subtle touch. If you want to combine these colors, it is better opt for softer tones and muted yellow, such as mustard or pastel yellow.

Ultimately, choosing which colors to mix with pink will depend on the visual effect you want to achieve and your own personal taste. Keep in mind that the experimentation is the key to find color combinations that go well together.

Types of roses and how to combine them

There are a wide variety of shades of pink, from pastel pink to dark pink. Here are some of the most common with suggestions on how to combine them:

  • Pink pastel: soft and delicate, this pink often associated with sweetness and innocent. It goes well with soft shades of blue, green and purple, as well as white and beige. These shades can help bring out the softness of pastel pink.
  • Pink coral: Combine bright and vibrant pink hues with warm orange tones. It goes well with shades of green and light blue, as well as with beige and light brown. Pink coral can also Combine with gold and silver tones to create a more glamorous effect.
  • Pink fuchsia: it’s the trendy pink, vibrant and saturated, so it’s ideal for current and fresh looks. It goes very well with other bright tones like orange or green, as well as with all kinds of neutrals; white, beige, black, gray, etc.
  • candy pink: is another of the trendy colors, very associated with the Barbiecore trend. It is feminine and romantic, it goes perfectly with denim blue, white, brown and beige tones.
  • nude pink: It is a neutral, soft and delicate tone that brings elegance and harmony to the look. It is essential for certain varieties of the aesthetic trend. It goes perfectly with beige, gold, white, gray and silver. Also, with all kinds of pastel tones.
  • neon pink: It is a deep and luminous shade that can be associated with softer colors to create an interesting contrast. It goes well with soft shades of green and blue, as well as beige and light brown.
  • Pink magenta: This dark shade is deeper and more dramatic than other shades of pink. Goes well with bright and vivid colors like white, beige and gold. It can also be combined with darker shades such as gray and black, for a more dramatic effect.

10 looks with colors that go well with pink


Colors matched with pink: black

It is an ideal neutral color for create an elegant look in combination with pink. In this case, with a very versatile muted magenta.


Colors matched with pink: white

Combine two neutrals like black and white With these powerful fuchsia pink pants, it is balanced and perfect.


Colors matched with pink: blue

if you dare with a very contrasting look, complements a vibrant pink with a turquoise blue like this. You will not go unnoticed!


Colors matched with pink: yellow

To associate an intense fuchsia pink like this, it is better to opt for a shade of dull yellowlike that mustard. Add a third neutral color to complete and you have a perfect, colorful and harmonious look.


Colors that go with pink: green

When betting on pink-green combinations, bet on tones with similar intensity and saturationlike this fuchsia pink and this bottle green.


Colors that go with pink: red

Who said red and pink don’t go together? East one of the trendy jumpsuits because we must not forget that the two colors share the same base.


Colors matched with pink: brown

Brown has the power to enhance softer tones pink, like a cake. as well as strongest balancelike neon. It is a perfect basis for creating harmony!


Colors matched with pink: gray

Creates a soft and harmonious mixture, ideal for a aesthetic look tendency.


Colors matched with pink: dark brown

Combined with a nude pink or pastel pink creates a perfect contrast, flattering and very feminine.


Colors matched with pink: beige

Beige is a perfect neutral to create a hot pink look elegant and harmonious. Use it with accessories to accompany a fuchsia or use it as an accessory to add color to a neutral look.

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