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The colors that go best with orange in clothes: ideas of looks to wear it

The colors that go best with orange in clothes: ideas of looks to wear it
  • What colors go best with orange?
  • What color goes with orange?
  • What colors can’t be mixed?
  • Types of orange and how to combine them
  • 10 look ideas with colors that go with orange

Orange It is one of the trendy colors. we’ve seen on the catwalks and red carpets, not to mention our Instagram feed. Indeed, it is one of the most popular colors both in autumn/winter –in muted and warm tones– and in spring/summer –in vibrant and pastel tones–. However, before embarking on a garment or an outfit of this color, it is necessary to take into account that it will only suit you if you have a warm or neutral complexion. Also, you may find it a bit more difficult to combine with the other colors. It’s not an easy color! Take note of the colors that go with orange and triumph with looks full of colors that will dictate trends.

We discover the colors that will be trendy in 2023 for your daily looks


We discover the colors that will be trendy in 2023 for your daily looks

Therese Rodenas


What colors go best with orange?

He orange is a warm and vibrant color which can be combined well with different colors, always depending on the shades.

  • White: this neutral color helps to soften the intensity of orange and allows for a fresh, clean look. It is ideal for summer looks.
  • Green: together you can create a natural combination and refreshing, provided they are combined in shades with the same intensity.
  • Purple: is ideal for creating a vibrating jumpsuit and high contrast, in spring-summer looks.
  • Gray: is a perfect color for balancing the energy of orange and create basic everyday looks.
  • Negro: as neutral coloris perfect for creating outfits in which orange is the absolute protagonist.
  • Beige: the same happens with nude tones, which serve as the basis for creating looks featuring the color orange.

What color goes with orange?

Any of the ones we mentioned before can work in a look with orange clothes. All It will depend on the intensity of the tones., which must be complementary. For example, a bright orange may not work very well with a lime green. Or a pastel orange, too flat next to a beige.

What colors can’t be mixed with orange?

certain colors that are difficult to combine well with orange can be:

  • Pink: although it is a fashionable combination, it can be too saturated and sweet. In any case, it is only suitable for summer looks and it is better to resort to accessories to play with these colors.
  • Red: they are two warm and similar colors that can keep a great harmony, although if the tones are too intense they can give rise to a very dynamic and aggressive combinationas without nuances.
  • Brown: when the two are too similar, the absence of contrast prevents a flattering combination.
  • YELLOW: as is the case with red, being two warm tones so similarPay attention to the colors.
  • Azul: to create a high contrast with orange, which can be unflattering if you don’t get the look right. It is better to resort to denim fabric.

Do you know how to combine it?

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Therese Rodenas

Types of orange and how to combine them

  • Mandarin: it’s him trendy vitamin orange, a vibrant tone that combines with others such as green, fuchsia or purple. Although when it really triumphs, it is in monochromatic looks.
  • orange kettle: it is an orange very present in retro decoration, as well as in the fall-winter fashion collections. It is ideal with other colors such as white or beige, and it is worn a lot in guest looks.
  • Orange coral: it is a bright tone that fits very well in spring and summer looks. It improves the tan of the skin, which makes it very flattering in the looks of wedding guests. It looks great with accessories in golden tones.
  • Orange pastel: it is a peach orange, typical of spring summer season. It goes very well with denim clothes as well as with golden accessories.
  • Orange bronze: it’s a tone deaf and dark, ideal for the fall / winter guest. It goes very well with white clothes.

10 look ideas with colors that go with orange


Colors matched with orange: white

White gives a fresh touch of orange and allows elegant and bright combinations. As in this case where Alexandra Pereira He doesn’t hesitate to mix it with a chocolate brown on top.


Colors matched with orange: black

Black only does enhance vibrant tone of that mandarin orange and raise the level of style. in Greece Ghanem She looks elegant and very modern with this look.


Colors matched with orange: green

There green-orange combination It’s one of the boldest, though it can work really well if you get it right with the tones. That’s how it proves Renia Jaz in this look so fashionable and current.


Colors matched with orange: gold

There Queen Letizia recently gave us a lesson on how to style a coral orange shade at an event. She chose metallic accessories in a shiny gold tone that fit perfectly.


Colors matched with orange: beige

One of the rules that works best when it comes to including bright colors in the look is to combine them with neutral tones. It looks like Ana Antolin is a perfect example.


Colors matched with orange: pink

Although difficult, the combination of these two bright and vibrant colors It can work if we choose shades that are not too bright. That faded orange she wears Maria Fernandez-Rubis prove.


Colors matched with orange: purple

The search for a high contrast colorful look? So dare with the combination he offers us Maria Pombo: purple side and fluorinated orange bag. Risk to win!


Colors matched with orange: nude

As a basis, Carmen Gimeno get the most original color combination by mixing the clothes nude pink with an orange coat. And it is very harmonious!


Colors matched with orange: silver

For this khaki orange jumpsuit Rocio Osorno commitment to silver accessories. The result is perfect for a summer party.


Color Matching Orange: Multi-Tone Look

And if you are not convinced by any of the color combinations in practice, you can always use an infallible resource: the multi-tone look. As Greek Ghanemwhich mixes a pastel-orange with a powerful application mandarin which allow an unbeatable result.

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