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The colors that go best with green in clothes: ideas of looks to wear it

The colors that go best with green in clothes: ideas of looks to wear it
  • What colors go with green?
  • What colors do not combine with green?
  • Types of greens and how to combine them
  • 10 looks with color ideas that combine with green

Green is in! Surely you have noticed and that, although at first it did not enter your eyes, you ended up loving it the most. Now combining it with the rest of the wardrobe can be a real headache. You want to know what colors go with green when it comes to dressing? Keep reading!

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What colors go with green?

  • White: it’s a classic and fresh combination which works great for a casual summer look. A green top with white pants, or a green midi skirt with a basic white blouse, are examples of elegant combinations that are easy to make on a daily basis.
  • Negro: It is a neutral color that goes very well with green, creating a more sophisticated and elegant look. A green blouse with basic black pants, or a green dress with black accessories such as shoes and a bag, are stylish options for formal wear, but also for everyday wear.
  • Naked: This soft, neutral color pairs well with green when creating relaxed and natural casual looks. A green top with beige pants or a nude dress with a green bag can work really well on a daily basis.
  • Pink: it is the fashionable color and one of those that best matches the green trend. It is ideal for creating colorful and contrasting looks, especially for events and guest outfits. Play on these combinations to choose accessories that break with the dominant color of the outfit.
  • Orange: is another possibility to play with a bold and contrasting look. In this case, it would be more about playing with both colors in small details in a neutral-based style. Or with muted tones in some cases. For example, a basic black dress, with a green bag and orange earrings. Also, it can be an outfit in one of these colors combined with a complement of the other color.
  • YELLOW: is another striking combination and ideal for the spring-summer season. Lemon yellow goes very well with kiwi green, for example. Although there is no doubt that it requires a showy and bold style when it comes to dressing. If you prefer something more subdued, opt for a more subdued tone in one of the colors.
  • Purple: This is one of the winning combinations of the moment, because it is very seductive. And it is that he green enhances purple and vice versa. Lilac, violet, crimson, aubergine tones… go very well with the brightest green.
  • Azul: navy blue and denim blue go very well with green when it comes to create casual looks. Combine your favorite jeans or denim skirt with a green bag or boots and you’ll see how style wins. Another possible option is the Klein blue tone, ideal for event outfits.


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What colors do not combine with green?

In fact, the combinations are a matter of taste and fashion, but if we follow current trends, we can determine which colors are less showy with the bottle green so popular. In the case of red, which can give a too Christmas finish; certain types of light blue, like light blue or turquoise, and brown chocolatewhich will be too dull.


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Types of greens and how to combine them

There are so many kinds of greens that

  • green bottle: it’s the trendy green of the moment, the one that seemed audacious and impossible for certain looks, but which finally won us over. It is the one that works best with both neutral tones and bright tones (pink, purple, orange, etc.).
  • Pistachio green: It is one of the most successful of this spring-summer 2023. It is the most beautiful effect with soft tones like lilac, as well as with white, beige or fuchsia pink.

  • water green: This is another of the fashionable green tones, which goes very well with the coral range (orange-pink), as well as with black, white and gold.

  • lime green: it is a color that exudes modernity, especially if you combine it with clothes and accessories in candy pink, purple or orange. It also looks great with intense shades of blue like navy or Klein.

  • Moss green: It is an autumnal green, ideal as a styling base. To give it color, nothing better than muted tones like caldera orange, bright like white or powdery like baby pink.

  • Peppermint Green: It is an ideal pastel tone for the spring-summer season, which is ideal with other cold tones of the pastel range such as lilac and pale pink or with neutrals such as white and beige.

  • Emerald green: This is the ideal jewel color for evenings. It is perfect with gold clothes and accessories, but also with (subtle) touches of purple, pink and red.

  • green olive: It is the most autumnal green in the range of greens and that is why it goes best with neutral tones such as white, black, beige or camel.

10 looks with color ideas that combine with green


Colors matched with green: candy pink

influence her Carmen Gimeno He has a particular fondness for green and often manages to combine it masterfully, both in vibrant looks like this and in more neutral ones. He shows here that the mixture with the pink-purple range It works like a thousand wonders.


Colors matched with green: beige

To balance an assertive look with a matching sweater and cardigan your pistachio green like that, nothing better than basic beige pants and also neutral sports shoes.


Colors that go with green: purple

influence her Rocio Osorno he has a weakness for this combination of colors that enhance each other. Ideal for special outfits!


Colors that go with green: denim

With this look, Carmen Gimeno shows us that green gives a very cheerful and stylish touch to the denim clothes. They are a surefire match!


Colors matched with green: mauve

This aqua green monkey wins a lot with a purple accessory like this bag, although it could also be a pair of sandals or a headdress.


Colors that go with green: orange

If you dare contrasts, do not hesitate to combine your green clothes with accessories in orange tones, especially if they are erasedlike the influencer did Greek Ghanem.


Colors that go with green: gold

For your event looks, nothing better than combining green with touches of gold in shoes and bag. It looks sleek and balanced!


Colors matched with green: black

And basic black and white look what is boring? Well, add a bottle green garment or accessory and you will see how the style is taken to the next level.


Colors that go with green: yellow

So as not to look like a flag, Carmen Gimeno combines lemon yellow with two shades of greena more discreet one, obtaining a balanced and very flattering look.


Colors that go with green: blue

And if you doubted the blue-green combination, take a look at how the influencer combines this green outfit with accessories in Klein blue.

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