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The 10 trendiest clothing styles: what’s yours?

The 10 trendiest clothing styles: what's yours?
  • What are the clothing styles?
  • How do I know what my style is?
  • The 10 trendiest clothing styles

If there is something difficult to achieve in your personal image, it is a defined style and dressing well. Although, if you insist on it, you will only have to review the keys of the various Clothing Styles find out which one you identify with the most. And we’re going to help you with that, with extra inspiration so you know how to put each style into practice. Ready?

What are the clothing styles?

  • Bohemia: in this casual style, the mix is ​​essential and the prints are the protagonists in all kinds of clothes. From must-have dresses, to jacket suits, through skirts, tops, blouses and pants. Ethnic prints, fluid patterns and colors without fanfare. To combine, you must never miss jeans, cowboy boots, a wide-brimmed hat and a vest with ethnic airs.
  • Classic: is the aesthetics of the traditional patterns, shirts, suit jackets, pleated trousers, moccasins and pumps. Clothes that must not contradict the most current trends, because they allow you to play with colors, cuts and original patterns.
  • retro: if you like the second hand clothes and you like to look for vintage clothes in antique markets, this is your style. In your wardrobe, don’t miss knitted cardigans, midi dresses with volume from the waist, corduroy clothes, feminine floral dresses, pleated midi skirts, etc.
  • Preppy: it’s him collegiate style which is updated with a more provocative and current air. Polo shirts, pleated skirts, blazers, moccasins, slippers and sneakers, dresses with bows and shirt collars, studded sweaters, trench coats,… These are essential pieces in a preppy girl’s wardrobe.
  • minimalist: tailored clothes and basics in neutral tones, flowing patterns, oversized cuts and simple accessories They are the key to this style that bets on the beauty of simplicity. White shirts, ecru pleated pants, black jeans, as well as plain coats, blazers and trench coats are ideal for this type of wardrobe.
  • Romantic: it is a style that exudes femininity and in which flower dressesFinally clothes with ruffles and bows, pastel tones, lace and details of embroidery and pearls. Printed long and midi dresses, t-shirts and tops with low shoulders, blouses with ruffles or bows, as well as flowing pants, are ideal for this style.
  • Casual: nail mix between fashion and functionality gives birth to this style that adapts to the rhythm of daily life. As? With basics like t-shirts, jeans, pleated pants, blazers, oversized jumpers and sweatshirts, sneakers. The key to a casual outfit is to create a seasonal capsule wardrobe with basics in neutral tones and choose some powerful fashion clothes to create outfits of ten.
  • dirty: rebellious and carefree. so that’s it urban style this comfort also prevails, although with a message of non-compliance behind. To dress in this style, it is impossible to miss trendy sneakers, ripped jeans, perfectos, checkered shirts, oversized sweaters, military boots and black fishnet stockings.
  • Jock: is a style featuring sports air parts which however can be very elegant. Sweatshirts, tracksuits, platform sneakers, dresses, and knit pants with cropped tank tops, high athletic socks, and puffer jackets are essential in this style. highlights the trend Athleticswhich is to combine casual clothes with other sporty clothes to achieve a comfortable and stylish look.
  • Aesthetic: the aesthetic style brings together a whole conglomeration of trends that are characterized by the eclecticism and taste for the aesthetics of 80, 90 and 2000. So, Y2K style clothing (low pants, would be included in this style, although there are many types of aesthetics.

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How do I know what my style is?

Take a look at your wardrobe and select your favorite clothes. Then analyze your objective when you dress: seek to be comfortable, elegant, sensual, striking, discreet, carefree,…? review your social networks and pictures of you Phone to check which outfits make you feel better, more you and combine them with what your personality, musical and cultural tastes and lifestyle say. All of this will get you closer to one type of dress style, and you’ll just have to look to Pinterest for inspiration to create the perfect wardrobe.

The 10 trendiest clothing styles


Clothing styles: bohemian

The bohemian style is the influencer’s favorite Maria Pombo, who is used to applying it even to her event outfits. They are usually colorful dresses with ethnic air prints and relaxed silhouettes.


Clothing styles: classic

A basic black blouse, white midi skirt and classic two-tone design pumps are perfect for a classic look like this, as versatile as it is timeless.


Clothing styles: vintage

The singer Lana Del Rey she is a fashion reference in this style, because she never hesitates to bet on it even with her hairstyle and makeup.


Clothing styles: BCBG

The collegiate style inspires a lot famous brand collectionswith favorite clothes like the pleated skirt or the university-style knit sweater.


Clothing styles: minimalist

The bone neutral colors are essential to the minimalist style, as evidenced by this look of Tamara Falcobased on a smooth, asymmetrical white dress, with brown strappy sandals and a matching mini bag.


Clothing styles: romantic

The socialite also has a soft spot for romantic looks, especially for Chip with details like bows, ruffles and puff sleeves, that’s how I flowy flower dresses. Your favourites!


Clothing styles: casual

mix and match is the motto of this style that combines elegance and comfort. And this influencer reminds us that color is an important variable when it comes to including sneakers in the look.


Dress style: grungy

Bring the grunge style to your country with this type of combination in which accessories such as the leather jacket and the military boots They give a rebellious air to the look.


Clothing styles: sporty

Put the trend into practice Athletics combining sporty style garments such as these cargo style sweatpants with other classics such as the blazer and stilettos.


Clothing styles: aesthetics

What kind of aesthetic are you? One of those who shamelessly combine all kinds of patterned clothes and styles, such as Bella Hadid (weird girl)? Or do you identify more with him? aesthetic coquette with pastel colors and elegant clothes? There are many variations to choose from!

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