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The 10 Most Flattering Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2023

The 10 Most Flattering Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2023
  • What will you be wearing in the summer of 2023?
  • What is the star trend for spring/summer 2023?
  • What colors are coming for Spring/Summer 2023?
  • 10 fashion trends for spring/summer 2023

If you ever want to renew your wardrobe for the warm season, you are interested to know why spring/summer 2023 fashion trends you have to bet Do you want to know which is the most popular? Take note!

The 10 trendiest clothing styles: what's yours?


The 10 trendiest clothing styles: what’s yours?

Therese Rodenas

What will you be wearing in the summer of 2023?

Highlights the bimillennial aestheticbut also the obsession with show body, whether through cut-out openings, transparencies or lingerie details. We are also seeing a boom in denim fabricnot only in pants, as well as sewing items that are combined with other styles in the same outfit.

Also note maximalist details like 3D flowers, fringes or feathers, which adorn clothes in unexpected ways and sublimate them.


What is the star trend for spring/summer 2023?

Without a doubt, the aesthetic y2k, which exalts the patterns and style of the 2000s, will be at its peak this season. That means trends like low rises, crop tops, flare pants, all-denim looks, boots and platform sandals will be everywhere.


The 10 trendiest clothing styles: what’s yours?

Therese Rodenas

What colors are coming for Spring/Summer 2023?

Undoubtedly, the flagship color of this year 2023 will again be the pink in all its versions. From fuchsia to bubble gum, through cotton candy, nude and, of course, magenta, the Pantone color 2023.

Courtesy of the rose, the green This will be another of the great bets, with different variations. Thus, we will continue to wear bright green – the one that is everywhere – but other tones such as water green, pistachio or lime will burst onto the scene.

The bone vitamin tones they will also be dutywith him Mandarin like a big star, but also lemon yellow or lime green, as we have already mentioned.

Regarding the range of bluethe electric and the cerulean will be the most seen.

He lilac It will be another of the star tones of the spring/summer season, along with other shades of purple such as lavender or violet.

Moreover, the surefire classics like red, black and white will continue to be a trending option. And a classic color with an effect that bursts onto the scene: silver. Take note!


We discover the colors that will be trendy in 2023 for your daily looks

Therese Rodenas

10 fashion trends for spring/summer 2023


Spring/Summer 2023 fashion trends: lingerie touches

They are everywhere. in the tissues satinin the details of lacein the body corseterosIn transparentin auctions with lace… In addition, lingerie dresses continue to be a trend in all their variations and a safe bet for event looks.


Spring-Summer 2023 fashion trends: denim

Denim fabric will be the star of total looks with all kinds of garments and finishes. THE printsbut also the exhaust. When it comes to pants, low-rise, wide-leg, and flare pants, as well as mom and boyfriend styles are all the rage. And they burst with force long denim skirts. And duty!


Spring/Summer 2023 fashion trends: transparencies

are prosecuted all kinds of looksboth casual and eventful and gives plenty of play in the chiffon fabrics that allow wear other clothes underneath such as tops, skirts, shorts or dresses. Of course the nude dressthis see-through sequined dress you’ll have seen everywhere, will continue to be a duty this season.


Spring-Summer 2023 fashion trends: 3D flowers, fringes and feathers

Event fashion is enriched with details such as 3D flowers, fringes and feathers, which enhance the patterns. The drawings with sequins They are also jumping into everyday fashion, to brighten up outfits with a touch of shine.


Spring/Summer 2023 fashion trends: gradient prints

You have surely seen this type of elastic gauze dress and with a degraded impression, above all, in warm tones reminiscent of the sunset. We have also seen them in jumpsuit and shirt versions. There are even models with lingerie-like satin fabrics, but all with the same vaporous air. It’s a duty for summer nights and the most current customers.


Spring-Summer 2023 fashion trends: the tank top

This tank top has become an essential basis in the wardrobe this season, which is combined with all kinds of bottoms. We advise you to have at least one tank top in each basic neutral color: white, black and nude.


Spring/Summer 2023 fashion trends: Y2k aesthetics

Low-rise pants are back in combination with cropped tops, blouses with transparencies and flared sleeves, baguette bags, cargo pants, flared jeans and uninhibited platforms. Nothing to do with it 2000s aesthetic returns to IN.


Spring-Summer 2023 fashion trends: long skirts

They are generally worn straight and highlight cow girlsbut also, the lingeriewith satin fabrics and touches of lace and lace, as well as the sarong-skirts and the pleated. They won’t go unnoticed either. cargo skirtsas well as those combined with transparent.


Spring/Summer 2023 fashion trends: cut-out dresses

have a cut out dress in the closet is almost mandatory this season. and there is good variety of patterns to bring it to the ground of each: mini, fitted, vaporous, midi with drapes, straps, with long sleeves, with transparencies, satin, etc.


Spring/Summer 2023 fashion trends: couture

clothes like the American –better if they are oversized– and the pleated pants They are essential for creating the casual looks of the season.


Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Trends: Grunge Style

They take the outfits rebelswith an urban air and with clothes with touches of punk and goth. Pleated skirts, plaid shirts, biker jackets, military boots, cargo pants.

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