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Mango Fashion

Mango Fashion is an international high-street fashion company founded by Isak and Nahman Andic, with stores located across 100+ countries worldwide. Mango offers an expansive variety of products.

Mango offers more than clothing – its online shop is accessible worldwide for customers to shop from a selection of handbags and shoes!


Mango Fashion, established in 1984 by Isak and Nahman Andic and currently operating over 3,000 stores globally, provides fast fashion for men, women, and children.

This brand offers an extensive collection of accessories and shoes, perfect for every occasion and setting trends.

Mango Fashion has earned international shoppers’ loyalty thanks to its affordable prices and season-wise update collections, making the brand an international favorite since over 15 years of operation with a comprehensive online shop.

Mango Fashion takes social responsibility very seriously, encouraging its suppliers to operate transparently while striving to improve employee conditions.

Recent press reports have exposed the brand for using Turkish sweatshops and modern slavery cases involving factories in Morocco. While efforts are made to rectify these problems, no living wages are offered to workers in its supply chain.

Mango supports the Detox Greenpeace Campaign, an initiative started in 2012 as part of their efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.

Mango sells an estimated USD 1 billion worth of products annually to Bangladesh alone and has also established itself in China, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Vietnam.

Mango is a well-loved destination for brides looking for wedding attire. Their bridal collection boasts styles perfect for every special occasion and offers brides a variety of choices to make their search easier.


Established in 1984, Mango Fashion is one of Europe’s premier womenswear brands, known for their efficient design, wide selection of styles and top quality apparel. Based out of Spain.

The brand has over 2,600 stores located in 115 countries around the world. Offering products tailored specifically for women of all ages and ethnicities, with designs meeting local cultural norms.

Mango Fashion’s extensive clothing offerings are supplemented by its selection of handbags, shoes and jewelry accessories.

Mango Fashion recently unveiled a collection of 3D printed accessories made from natural materials in line with its commitment to sustainability and promote zero waste production.

As an example, the brand is working with French 3D startup Comme des Machines to develop a range of accessories made out of recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), made up of 90% sustainable materials.

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Another initiative taken by the company is introducing homeware pieces made entirely of linen that are both minimalistic and classic, adhering to their brand’s DNA.

The brand also recently unveiled a range of clothing that is crease-resistant – perfect for people who find ironing tedious! Available in several colors including white.


Mango Fashion provides trendy yet budget-friendly women’s clothing. Their collection ranges from backless satin dresses and sequined blazers to velvet jumpsuits; everything you need to stay on trend without breaking the bank is here.

This brand is widely recognized for their ethical production practices, with 79% of clothing labeled sustainable. Instead of depending on China and India to produce goods, Portugal, Morocco and Turkey provide an alternative route for production.

Every year, they also release campaigns centered around friendship, self-love, and family values that feature models or celebrities that represent these themes.

One of their recent campaign themes was friendship. A model donned a red dress adorned with white flowers for this promotion and held up a sign reading: “Friendship is beautiful thing.” The caption read:

Another campaign highlights family values. It emphasizes the need to take care of each other and support each other when needed – with an image depicting a mother carrying her daughter close in her arms.

Raw Mango has recently come under scrutiny over their Winter-Fall 2021 collection called Sher Bagh. Many members of Eelam Tamil community pointed out that these outfits resemble those used for military purposes by female fighters, drawing comparisons to combat uniforms worn during combat operations.

Even amid controversy, this collection remains highly popular and has quickly become a hit. You can purchase it both online and at select stores; its limited-edition release date provides another unique selling point; proceeds will also go toward conservation projects in Jawai; helping preserve endangered wildlife – something of great importance to Eelam Tamil community members.

Men’s line

Mango Fashion’s men’s collection offers a comprehensive selection of clothing suitable for every outfit imaginable – casual wear as well as classic pieces can all be found.

The brand offers an assortment of shoes that complement any outfit and come in various colors and materials, offering endless styling possibilities.

These trendy footwear options make an excellent way to add some flair and flair to any wardrobe on a budget. Not only are they lightweight yet durable, they are easy to clean as well. Wear with any ensemble!

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Color has been an ever-evolving trend this spring and summer fashion, and Mango Fashion provides many pieces to help you embrace it.

Mango offers large-cut fur coats as an essential piece for this season, featuring various hues like red, orange, green and blue.

Furthermore, they also provide an array of pants suitable for any outfit imaginable. Made from heavy knit fabric with an oversize silhouette and straight cut style. You will look incredible no matter the event!

If you want to shop Mango clothing and shoes, visit their website or one of the thousands of stores worldwide. Or check out ZALORA; this site provides a wide selection of items with cash on delivery available, free shipping when spending P1295+, and offers 30 days free returns!


Mango, the Spanish clothing retailer, offers an expansive line of accessories aimed at modern aesthetics that span bags, shoes and jewelry – and are tailored to suit a range of customer styles.

Since years ago, this global fashion retailer has built up a solid reputation for offering stylish fashion items for all occasions and tastes. Furthermore, their store count exceeds 80 nations.

Staying ahead of the latest trends, the company releases seasonal collections and introduces new products. The current season’s collection focuses on bold tones and offers a range of stunning accessories designed to complete any look.

Mango offers casual accessories such as denim totes and bucket hats that add an informal look. Available on their website or nearby stores, these pieces can help make any look special!

Additionally, the company provides sustainable earrings and bracelets made with 3D printing technology, featuring circular designs. Materials used include wood, terracotta powder and plant-based PLA.

Mango says these pieces are part of their ongoing effort to reduce environmental impact and advance sustainability. Working alongside French 3D startup Comme des Machines, Mango created this collection featuring pieces shaped like daisies and flowers.

This line of accessories also boasts some items made from recycled materials, like denim. This practice aligns with circular economies implemented across many industries as it reduces waste from clothing production processes. By 2025, the company intends for all cotton clothing and 50% of polyester clothing produced to come from recycled sources.

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