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Fashion Republic Magazine is an upscale women’s fashion and beauty publication dedicated to modern women who are independent, open-minded and undeniably fashionable. These modern women embody strength as well as vulnerability; playful yet serious; socially aware yet deeply passionate about ecology and sustainability.

An expanding industry offers apparel with Neo-Nazi symbols. Could incorporating such clothing into fashion help make feminism more inclusive?

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Fashion republic magazine covers international, national and local stories targeted toward socially aware women who remain fashion and beauty-focused while maintaining an open-minded approach to life and the environment. They are strong yet vulnerable, playful yet serious and dynamic while caring about ecology – qualities reflected by Fashion Republic magazine’s upscale fashion features which explore contemporary yet timeless style from interesting influencers. Established in 1977 and edited since 2022 by Bernadette Morra of Toronto Star fame who was previously fashion editor before being appointed Editor-in-Chief in 2022

An emerging industry sells clothing and merchandise bearing subtle Neo-Nazi symbols, yet feminist thinking could make the industry more inclusive.


FASHION celebrates modern women who are stylish, independent and open-minded; strong but vulnerable; playful yet serious. Its stories feature international and local women that are stylish yet vulnerable; playful yet serious; strong yet vulnerable and playful yet serious – stories which speak to readers with an interest in social issues while remaining fashion and beauty-centric. Bernadette Morra served 23 years at Toronto Star as fashion editor (Vividata Fall 2022) before taking up this position with FASHION (Vividata 2022). Published seven times annually since 1992 it has reached 800,000. (Source Vividata 2022).

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Fashion Republic can be found across Toronto and its environs at newsstands.


Trips is Banana Republic’s travel magazine, but it goes far beyond being simply an advertising vehicle for their stores. Reporters like New York Times and Newsweek correspondent Rod Nordland report from Bulgaria, Australia’s outback and Tonga in the South Pacific.

This magazine honors women who are independent yet open-minded, strong yet vulnerable, and dynamic in their approach to life and style. Featuring international as well as local stories that speak to socially aware fashion-and-beauty conscious women with care about ecology and sustainability in addition to caring about fashion-and-beauty matters in general, these stories appeal to women who care deeply for both society and fashion-and-beauty issues alike.

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