Fashion Aesthetics That Have Emerged From TikTok and Instagram

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TikTok and Instagram trends have given rise to many fashion aesthetics that have emerged online, including Cottagecore for basic countryside styles, while other trends like Angelcore or Royalcore draw upon fairytale inspirations and are inspired by them. Cottagecore fans celebrate basic countryside styles while Angelcore enthusiasts imagine themselves as goddesses or royalty, respectively.

The Dark Academia aesthetic draws its inspiration from classical literature and Byronic heroes. This aesthetic incorporates dark colors and monochromatic ensembles such as layering black turtlenecks with checked trousers and brogues or mixing coats and blazers.


Kuromicore fashion is an amalgamation of girly and gothic elements, featuring dark colors with cute kawaii accessories. This style can be distinguished by pink and black makeup reminiscent of anime characters’ styles; false eyelashes, lipstick, and eyeliner should also feature in this aesthetic. In order to complete this look, pink blush on cheeks and tip of nose is highly recommended to create an innocent and cute appearance.

Kuromicore accessories and items include skull pins and necklaces, devil’s tail earrings, striped leg and arm warmers, pink-and-black pleated skirts with pleats on both edges, as well as skull pins and necklaces featuring Kuromi characters, hair bows and aesthetic hats and hair clips to complete your style. You could even get a phone case featuring Kuromi designs to show your enthusiasm for its aesthetic!

Aesthetic trends seem to pop up everywhere online these days, from Barbiecore to plazacore – there’s always a new one waiting to emerge! TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms serve as sources for these aesthetics – making it easy to find outfit inspiration on these sites like TikTok or Instagram. But what exactly are these trends? Let’s take a closer look.


Artsy is an online art marketplace founded by Carter Cleveland while studying at Princeton University in 2010. The platform currently hosts over 4,000 gallery, auction house and dealer partners who pay to post their art on it. Artsy uses its database of 1,200 characteristics known as “genes” to help users discover art they may otherwise never come across; their algorithm weighs the significance of each gene against how often it occurs across works by other artists as well as whether or not an artist has previously been featured on Artsy; user behavior such as number of views, click-throughs and purchases helps predict what may become most relevant for users.

Though Artsy may seem appealing, its weaknesses are many and grave. At its core lies an ineffective vetting plan which ensures its website remains free from spurious material or counterfeit products; its editorial program publishes frequent articles about online purchasing risks while condoning any signs of neglect; legitimate buyer complaints are ignored or drowned under an abundance of five star invited reviews that overwhelm any valid feedback provided to Artsy by legitimate buyers.

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Kawaii is an exciting culture and style of cuteness. Defined as “adorable”, its aesthetic can be found everywhere from Harajuku to Paris and New York City. While its style comes in various forms, some defining characteristics are lace, frills and pastel colors; with an innocent yet playful aesthetic. Kawaii fashion draws elements from various cultures including American, European and Japanese traditions to create something distinctively new and special.

Kawaii can be found in both men and women fashion, though it tends to be more prevalent among female fashion. This may be attributed to its cultural embracement of youth and desire by many women for becoming part of this subculture, leading to subcultures like Lolita (think ruffled dresses, stockings, and bows), Decora and fairy-kei that embody it.

Anthropomorphic designs are an iconic element of kawaii art and merchandise. Examples include milk cartons with faces or coffee mugs that wink cheekily at you. Sweets also play an integral part in its aesthetic – you will often find cakes, macaroons, ice cream or other desserts decorated with flowers, whipped cream or cute animal drawings on them.

Dark Academia

Dark Academia is an aesthetic that blends elements of dark gothic with prep school style. It has quickly become one of the hottest trends on social media platforms like TikTok and is often associated with Donna Tartt’s novel The Secret History.

Layering is at the core of this aesthetic. This involves wearing layers such as a blazer, turtleneck sweater vest and coat over a pencil skirt or long dress in shades of brown, grey or black featuring plaid patterns – not forgetting a brown leather shoulder bag to complete this autumnal look! It’s the ideal look to bring to mind images of college campuses and libraries!

Fashion aesthetic that draws its inspiration from student life and love of literature and classic culture is known as student culture fashion (or studentlife for short). Reminiscent of 1920s or 1940s or 1950s prep school aesthetic with gothic elements, studentlife fashion has become incredibly popular among members of Generation Z due to its opulence, nostalgia and admiration of classic literature and philosophy – drawing them in with its romanticized image of academia that many find inspiring; it has led to books, movies, music albums etc. inspired by it!

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The Y2K aesthetic is a fashion style inspired by the late 1990s and early 2000s, particularly the late 90s/early 2000s. This aesthetic can be defined as a mix of retro and modern elements combined with bold colors – popular among Gen Z and millennials looking for new stylish trends to experiment with.

Many associate Y2K with the 90s, but its revival is being fuelled by contemporary fashion brands like Juicy Couture and Von Dutch. Additionally, its popularity is further reinforced by 90s-themed films, TV shows and music videos; baggy jeans, oversized hoodies with butterfly prints as well as logomania-esque details like scrunchies and bandanas are defining characteristics of Y2K aesthetic.

This trend is ideal for anyone who desires a colorful pop of color in their outfits, while fitting perfectly into the indie aesthetic, ideal for expressing individuality and vintage fashion. A Bathing Ape offers camouflage-printed shark hoodies which work great when worn with jeans and jean jackets for an edgy yet feminine look that captures this trend perfectly.


Cottagecore is an increasingly popular trend that marries rustic farmhouse decor with comfortable cottage-style clothing for an authentic, rural aesthetic. Social media users have enthusiastically adopted it!

Cottagecore fashion features floral prints, puff sleeves, gingham patterns and lace. Cottagecore draws its inspiration from simpler times and traditional country crafts such as knitting, sewing, gardening and herbalistry – as well as its soft pastel tones and earthy tones palette.

Home design elements that define cottage-style decor include floral curtains, rustic furniture and antique mirrors. These accents add a cottage-style charm to any space at an affordable price; some even allow DIYing for maximum effects!

Kidcore, another trend characterized by nostalgia and comfort, features childish clothing and accessories in rainbow colors with cartoon images on them and whimsical details for an adorable aesthetic.

Dark Academia has quickly become one of the hottest trends on TikTok and Instagram: preppy with an edge reminiscent of Harry Potter, romanticizing education, literature, and secrets – making it perfect for young adult hearthrobs!


On-trend fashion draws influence from many aesthetics – be they from the ’90s, Y2K or cottagecore – and fashion today is no different. Fashion today embraces multiple aesthetics without apology – cargo pants and oversized dresses are popular as are combat boots and clogs; maxi dresses with floral patterns that recall grandma’s curtains are also hugely popular; this is an extremely adaptable style suitable for all genders and body shapes alike!

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