Etihad Airways’ A380 is More Than Just an Airliner

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Opinion leaders and fleet planners may predict that the A380’s demise, but Etihad Airways knows otherwise. It recognizes the significance of having such an aircraft type represent their brand in this way.

Discover the 35 technologies 380 Fashion uses in their stack, such as Privy, MailChimp and Twitter.

FASH 380 – Fashion Merchandising

FASH 380 provides an intensive exploration of fashion branding, including processes necessary to successfully establish or revamp a brand. Students participate in an in-class simulation where they plan, design, implement and promote a fashion business website as part of this course.

Semester course; three lecture hours delivered face-to-face or hybrid for three credits. Enrollment limited to majors and minors of the fashion program or by permission from instructor. An exploration of digital imaging software to conceptualize fashion design while gaining knowledge in graphic and illustration techniques; group simulation of designing and creating a fashion business website are included as learning experiences.

FASH 380 – Fashion Management

Semester course; three lecture hours for three credits. Prerequisite is FASH 120 or permission of instructor. Enrollment in this course is limited to fashion majors and minors as well as students who have completed at least 30 credit hours (sophomore standing).

Team-based simulation class exploring the fundamental concepts of launching a business website including planning, building, designing, executing, marketing and branding an e-commerce fashion store. Students use various technologies and tools for drawing designs ideas as part of this course.

A survey of the foundations and sleepwear marketplace with particular attention paid to designing two pieces specifically targeted towards this market. Students will demonstrate both aesthetic and technical acumen when creating their final collection to present at a student fashion show.

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