5 Carrefour flat espadrilles with a bohemian and elegant print that look branded (for less than 10€)

5 Carrefour flat espadrilles with a bohemian and elegant print that look branded (for less than 10€)

Make way for the most comfortable and versatile shoes of the summer! Espadrilles are undoubtedly a very good choice to wear every day, whether it’s for a walk, going to work or going out to dinner. Why are they so ideal? Because it is a type of sandals that provide complete coverage of the foot and, at the same time, they are fresh and elegant, much more than just a pair of shoes. If you don’t have any yet, don’t worry about looking for them, we’ve already found them! Discover the most beautiful and original espadrilles from Carrefour, And also at an irresistibly affordable price.

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It’s time to put away the boots and get out the summer shoes. During this season of high temperatures, we are all looking for shoes that keep us cool and comfortable. The main thing is to choose suitable materials, say goodbye to leather and imitation leather shoes, and welcome natural fabrics and lightweight, breathable fabrics.

The Carrefour supermarket surprised us with its wide range of shoes, especially with some lightweight flat sneakers that go beyond the typical monochromatic designs. These patterned sneakers will become your best allies when the heat tightens up and you want to keep your feet cool and comfortable. We warn you: you won’t want to take them off!

5 Carrefour flat espadrilles for the summer

At Carrefour, you will discover a wide variety of espadrilles with different patterns, such as small flowers, dots and flowers. These espadrilles stand out for their jute sole, one of the most popular summer materials, and their flat design that guarantees absolute comfort.

Available in sizes from 36 to 42, you will easily find the perfect pair for you. Its price is only 9.99€ and if you like more than one, it’s perfect! Because the second unit has a 70% discount. It’s a real bargain.

Yellow Carrefour espadrilles
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Yellow flat espadrilles with floral print

In this variety of espadrilles, the floral print could not be missing. Dare shoes in bright colors, like this pretty yellow. You will see how your basic and serious look is completely transformed thanks to these sneakers. You can combine them with clothes in white, beige, green and blue tones. say yes to color and let these sneakers fill your summer days with joy.

Carrefour striped espadrilles
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Striped print flat espadrilles

Classic stripes cannot be missing from your summer clothes and accessories, which is why these Carrefour espadrilles become an essential. They are perfect to wear to the office and to enjoy a day at the beach. You will use them again and again, because They go perfectly with all kinds of clothes.: pants, skirts, dresses… In addition, they adapt to a wide range of colors, from classic white, black and blue to brighter tones such as red or orange.

pink flat sneakers
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Pink polka dot print flat espadrilles

If you have a romantic style and want to show a youthful look, these beautiful pink espadrilles with white polka dots are ideal for you. You can combine them with jeans for a casual and relaxed outfit or wear them with a loose white or pink dress, thus creating a classy look and full of charm. These espadrilles will be the perfect complement to add that young and romantic touch to your outfits.

flat sneakers
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Plant print khaki flat espadrilles

These espadrilles in a delicate light khaki tone and leaf print are an elegant and unique choice to add a touch of color to your outfits. They are perfect to be combined with shorts, dresses or clothes in blue tones, such as those with a denim finish that are fashionable this season. These espadrilles will allow you to display a sophisticated and trendy style in any occasion. Feel free to add them to your shoe collection!

blue polka dot sneakers

Blue flat espadrilles with polka dot print

These Carrefour flat espadrilles are undoubtedly the perfect companions that will go perfectly with any type of clothing. Its delicate light blue hue is ideal for your summer looks. You can wear them with loose dresses, cropped shorts, linen pants and more. These sneakers, although it may seem, do not have the same pattern as the roses mentioned above. These have larger, rounder polka dots, while the pinks have a pattern reminiscent of water drops. You will be able to alternate and wear one day and the other the next day!

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