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Chronic Fatigue Solution Product Description


Lloyd's Chronic Fatigue Solution is a blend of carefully selected cell signalling factors. These extracts are processed using state-of-the art biotechnologies to preserve active molecules in their native state. CF Solution was specially formulated to help maintain a healthy energy level and lifestyle.*

Rationale Behind the use of CF Solution

One of the most prevalent rationales on the origins of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome involves that some patients may have lost the homeostatic balance of their endocrine system. This fragile hormonal system is involved in the body's reaction to physical or psychological stress. The resulting chain reaction starts in the hypothalamus located in the brain. When triggered, the hypothalamus releases substance called corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH), this hormone in turn triggers the release of the hormone adrenocorticotropin (ACTH). The result of this cascade is the production of cortisol by the adrenal gland.

Research has shown that CFS patients commonly show a deficiency of CRH resulting in a deficiency of cortisol. Lethargy, fatigue, increased need for sleep are all associated with the feedback loop involving these two hormones leading certain researchers to conclude that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may be due, at least in part, to an imbalance of the HPA axis. Supplements supporting a healthy HPA axis may thus be of great importance in the nutrition of people suffering of CFS.

Supplementation of these factors is not as easy as it seems. Since the cell signaling factors possibly beneficial in these processes are proteins, they are very fragile and need to be collected using a state of the art biotechnology platform. Cell signaling factors only maintain their full potential if stored frozen, as all proteins including cell signaling factors degrade very quickly at room or refrigerated temperatures.

A nutritional supplement providing live, adrenal specific, cell signaling factors may help to maintain healthy adrenal functions assuring the maintenance of a healthy and normally functioning HPA axis.

Laboratory studies involving pleuripotential cell signaling factors have shown to improve cellular metabolic activity involved in the production of energy in the cells by 166%. (Bilodeau D. PhD. Cell Signaling Factors in Anti-Aging Medicine, Anti-Aging Medical News, 2003, May. In Print). A nutritional supplement providing active pleuripotential cell signaling factors may thus be of nutritional support to maintain healthy cellular activity and energy production.

Cell Signaling Factors

Atrium Biotechnologies has developed a patented biotechnological process to isolate and concentrate molecules in their natural state. This process allows for selection of the desired molecules according to size and weight. Once the desired fraction of molecules is concentrated they are bottled under aseptic conditions and flash frozen. The cell signaling factors selected for Lloyd's Chronic Fatigue Solution are of 50 kDa (kilo Dalton) or less. The end-product is a 100% natural, concentrated fresh molecular compound of the highest bioavialbility. CF support is manufactured without the use of any heat, chemicals, preservatives and enzymes thus protecting these fragile proteins from degradation.

Chronic Fatigue Solution

CF Solution contains a proprietary mixture of patented molecular extracts providing adrenal and pleuripotential cell signaling factors and enhancers of cellular metabolic activity. One box contains a 24 day supply of 24 individually sealed vials of 7 ml each.

The concentration of the ingredients in CF Solution is fine tuned to provide a dose with extra high Adrenal concentration throughout the program. The box contains 24 vials with precise instructions on how to follow the program. You find a more detailed description of the content below.

CF Support is flash frozen immediately after bottling and shipped frozen to maintain its freshness, potency and bio-availability. Each vial needs to be thawed only immediately before consumption. To accelerate the thawing process it can be held in the palm of your hand for 3-5 minutes.

Chronic Fatigue Solution Components

CF Support contains two patented molecular protein extracts (cell signaling factors) combined in a scientific formula. The molecular extracts from Adrenal and Mesenchyme are of the highest quality and the only such product available on the market today.

The formulation of the vials provides an equal concentration of Mesenchymal and Adrenal Gland cell signaling factors.

NatCell Mesenchyme has been shown to improve cellular metabolic activity by 166%.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients should feel an improvement of their symptoms after one cycle of CF Solution. The program is generally recommended to last for 1-3 cycles of 24 days. If the results are satisfactory after this period, one may choose to reduce the dosage gradually to 2 vials per week. Although this maintenance dose should be sufficient after 1-3 cycles, the product can safely be taken at 1 vial per day over a prolonged period of time. Chronic Fatigue Solution can safely be combined with other food supplements. To date, no counter-indications or side-effects are known. Please consult with your health care provider should symptoms persist.

Important Info About
Adrenal Gland Extracts

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Lloyd's Chronic Fatigue Solution
Combat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Natcell CF
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Bottle of 7 ml
Servings Per Container: 24 Extra Strength Adrenal

Lloyd's CF Solution Amount Per Serving %DV

Porcine Mesenchyme Aqueous Extract (1:1) 3.5 ml

Porcine Adrenal Aqueous Extract (1:1) 3.5 ml

Recommended daily value not established
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