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Natcell EnergyFlash
Quantity - 90 sublingual tabs
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Based on our very popular CF Support, Energy Flash is issued from the most recent advancements in Atrium’s biotechnology process. Energy Flash contains Adrenal and Mesenchyme specific cell signaling – and growth – factors helping to maintain healthy adrenal energy levels*. After our patented Growth factor extraction process, the protein fraction containing growth and cell signaling factors is enriched larch arbainogalactans and carefully freeze dried. The tissue specific cell signaling and growth factors in Energy Flash are from porcine source.

Each sublingual tab provides 5 mg of freeze dried proteins. Energy Flash has been designed based on the feed-back of health care providers and patients around the world. The daily dose of Energy Flash can be used as a dietary supplement to maintain healthy energy levels* for fatigued patients or as maintenance after CF Support program.

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Natcell EnergyFlash $ 59.00
Quantity - 90 sublingual tabs

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