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  A Chronic Fatigue Solution with Anti-Aging Properties

Lloyd's Chronic Fatigue Solution is a blend of carefully selected cell signalling factors; adrenal gland and mesechymal extract.   These extracts are processed using state-of-the art biotechnologies to preserve active molecules in their native state. CF Solution was specially formulated to help maintain a healthy energy level and lifestyle.*

The outer part of the adrenal gland, called the cortex, secretes three major corticosteroids, one of them DHEA. DHEA has anti-inflammatory and growth-promoting functions and is believed to have anti-aging properties in both men and women. Mesenchymal extract also has a long history of use for anti-aging; Dr. Niehans (a reputed Swiss endocrinologist) was using it in the thirties to rejuvenate aging cells.

CF Solution for Chronic Fatigue

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Multiple Actio Molecular ComplexChronic Fatigue Solution contains a mixture of two patented proteinic extracts combined in a scientific formula to support healthy adrenal functions and maintain homeostasis.

A patented biotechnological process was developed in order to isolate and concentrate molecules in their most natural state.

  • Nutritional support for a healthy adrenal function*
  • Helps regulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis*
  • Has been shown to increase cellular metabolic activity by 166% in vitro*
  • Preservative free, 100% natural*
Anti-Aging and Healthy Energy Formula for Chronic Fatigue
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